Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finance careers

These fields are in finance careers.

Accountants - keep and inspect financial records.

Collectors - keep track of overdue accounts and collect payments on them.

Financial Analysts - study the financial performance of corporations and help them make investment decisions.

Loan Officers - help individuals and businesses in applying for loans.

Personal Financial Advisors - work on financial plans for individuals to meet their short and long term financial goals.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Airline careers

These fields are in airline careers.

Air Traffic Controllers - are highly trained individuals who are required to maintain a safe, orderly flow of air traffic.

Captains - are the person among other pilots aboard an aircraft who is the highest in charge and responsible for the aircraft's operation and safety.

Flight Attendants - are employed by an airline. They attend to the comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights. They ensure the safety of the cabin and also serve drinks and/or food to passengers.

Pilots - are in charge of flying a commercial aircraft.

Teaching and school careers

These fields are in teaching and school careers.

Principals - have many roles and responsibilities. They are responsible for all the happenings at a school. They are in charge of all employees; teachers, maintenance workers, administrative staff, and all other workers at the school.

School Librarians - administer or assist in the school library.

Special Education Teachers - work with children of different ages for their special needs. Many have cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities.

Teachers - teach in a school or college. Teachers teach at different grade levels and/or certain subjects.

Food careers

These fields are in food careers.

Bakers - bake and use food such as breads and cakes.

Butchers - cut up and sell meat in a shop or in supermarkets.

Caterers - provide food and service at large parties and weddings.

Chefs - are professional cooks in a restaurant or hotel.

Dishwashers - rinse, load, and operate a dishwasher in a kitchen in restaurants.

Waiters/Waitresses - wait on tables in a restaurant. They serve food and drinks to customers.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Film careers

These fields are in film careers.

Actors - act in films, television, and theater and portray a character by speaking and maybe singing the written text of the work.

Casting Directors - are responsible for selecting actors to play roles. This is done by auditions.

Costume Designers - design costumes for the film.

Film Directors - direct the actors and the entire filmmaking crew.

Film Producers - have various responsibilities. Some of them are arranging for a film's financing, shaping the screenplay, hiring the casting director, helping with marketing and publicity, and many others.

Location Managers - are responsible for various aspects of filming on location. These include arranging for permission to shoot in specific places, secure permits, negotiate fees, shooting dates, and many others.

Props Masters - are responsible for purchasing props for the film.

Screenwriters - write screenplays. Screenplays are scripts for films and television.

Public safety careers

These fields are in public safety careers.

Fire Fighters - are members of a fire department and trained to extinguish fires.

Policemen - are members of a police force and trained to deal with crimes.

Security Guards - protect something, usually buildings, against intruders or damage.

Law careers

These fields are in law careers.

Court Reporters - transcribe spoken or recorded speech into written form using shorthand.

Judges - conduct trials in the courtroom.

Lawyers - practice law as an attorney or counselor.

Paralegals - assist licensed lawyers in their legal work.

Animal careers

These fields are in animal careers.

Animal Trainers - deal with the training of pets.

Groomers - deal with the hygienic care and cleaning of pets.

Veterinarians - are doctors who treat only animals.

Zoologists - deal with the biology of animals. They work mostly in zoos.

Driving careers

These fields are in driving careers.

Bus Drivers - pick up and drop off passengers at certain locations. Busses are used mostly by schools and transit authorities.

Couriers - transport a variety of products from one location to another. They may use small trucks or vans to deliver items.

Taxi Drivers - transport people around from location to location. They are often found at hotels and airports.

Truck Drivers - drive smaller trucks and large 18 wheelers locally and across the country.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


An employer is a person or firm that employs workers; known as employees.


An employee is a worker who is hired to perform a job, normally in return for either a wage or a salary.

Job interview

A job interview is when a potential employee is evaluated to determine whether they are suitable for a position of employment.


A resume is a document that is used to present someones background and skills. They are used to secure new employment. They list relevant job experience and education.


A pension is a fixed sum to be paid regularly to an employee following retirement from service.

Casual Friday

Casual Friday is a dress code some businesses have that allow employees to dress less formal on Fridays.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Music careers

These fields are in music careers.

Mobile Disc Jockeys - select and play recorded music for an audience.

Musicians - play a musical instrument. Popular instruments are guitar, piano, cello, violin, and organ.

Music Therapists - use music to improve general well-being of others. People with stress, pain, communication difficulties, emotional trauma, and memory loss are some of the people music therapy is used for.

Singers - sing professionally.

Songwriters - write songs. They may write either or both the lyrics or music to a song.

Medical careers

These fields are in medical careers.

Acupuncturists - treat pain and disease by inserting the tips of needles at certain points on the skin.

Chiropractors - treat disorders by manipulating the spine and bones.

Dietitians - advise people about planning meals, weight, and diabetes management.

Nurses - care for the sick; esp. in a hospital.

Pediatrics - deals with the care of infants and children.

Physical Therapists - work with people that have sustained disabilities or impairments. Many have limitations in their physical function.

Podiatry - deals with the care of feet.

Radiologist - take X-rays and use radioactive substances to treat patients.

Social Workers - provide social services to people with life-threatening diseases, domestic, or social problems.