Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Film careers

These fields are in film careers.

Actors - act in films, television, and theater and portray a character by speaking and maybe singing the written text of the work.

Casting Directors - are responsible for selecting actors to play roles. This is done by auditions.

Costume Designers - design costumes for the film.

Film Directors - direct the actors and the entire filmmaking crew.

Film Producers - have various responsibilities. Some of them are arranging for a film's financing, shaping the screenplay, hiring the casting director, helping with marketing and publicity, and many others.

Location Managers - are responsible for various aspects of filming on location. These include arranging for permission to shoot in specific places, secure permits, negotiate fees, shooting dates, and many others.

Props Masters - are responsible for purchasing props for the film.

Screenwriters - write screenplays. Screenplays are scripts for films and television.

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